now society is in a highly innovative period, major colleges and universities are actively change their teaching strategies, to provide a series of entrepreneurial guidance, for many college students, university campus curriculum is business oriented. before we talked about the University, in addition to let children learn more knowledge, but also hope that the children … Read more

business story thousands, and the entrepreneurial Master from the initial debt to net worth of money later, in a few years, his life is happened to turn the world upside down changes, that will give business friends some incentive. will Yijia helm Daikun, was forced to turn off their backs, about 6000000 yuan of debt, … Read more

when the women’s clothing and children’s clothing market is full of a lot of disorderly competition, the men’s market is a small step forward. The men’s brand discount store because of preferential prices, reliable quality, rich category and popular male consumers, while its booming scene is told countless entrepreneurs, business opportunities here bursting. In fact, … Read more

for the enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, creating youth this venture contest they will not miss, then, hurry up to learn more about it! The following is about the creation of youth, Shandong University of Science and Technology college students entrepreneurship contest final defense notice. the campus youth league, the Youth League of College:

does not sell clothing skill is certainly not, in order to obtain good profit, must master the management skills, if you are running a brand men’s agent, then you need to how business can get better profit? Do not understand the novice can learn a lot of business knowledge, can not miss a good opportunity. … Read more

garment industry market prospects, now women love buy fashion clothing, drive the development of the clothing market, clothing stores in clothing, update speed, last year was a popular style, this year may become unsalable goods, so there will be the inventory situation. For the entire garment industry, excessive inventory has become a serious problem affecting … Read more