* total investment of 1 billion 90 million yuan has completed the project day before reporters in the reconstruction of Zaduo earthquake reconstruction work conference was informed that, as of now, the 60 aid projects, plans to invest 93.4%. Mayor Wang Yubo, in accordance with the "completion on schedule" the basic "bottom line", fine plan, … Read more

Recently, Xining city each big, middle and primary school and kindergarten teachers and students after school, in order to ensure the safety of person and property, Xining police issued four measures to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Department of education, conscientiously do a good job during school security work, to safeguard the campus and … Read more

In September 10th, the municipal patrol work leading group held the inspections mobilization, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning read "honest government in 2015 in Xining city inspection work program", the municipal Party committee, discipline committee Cao … Read more

brand men’s shoes to join choice, has been very popular with the choice. Yi’erkang men’s shoes? The strength of the brand. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. An open their own yelikon men’s stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice! has joined the men’s … Read more

In order to optimize the housing accumulation fund loan business, to a greater extent, so that the full enjoyment of housing provident fund workers preferential policies, Xining housing fund management center on the loan policy that is adjusted. Now, where in the Xining housing provident fund management centres and sub centres, management department to apply … Read more

In February 23rd, reporters from the city traffic police detachment held a news briefing to the working group set up a joint law enforcement, traffic police, public security, transportation, urban management and other units, will be a severe blow to our city illegal operation of vehicles, destroying the city environmental behavior.

is different from home decoration, shop decoration, how often will directly affect the consumer’s sense of enjoyment, for the operation of the store will have a great impact. In fact, shop decoration, is a fine thing to bother, but sometimes because of the wrong way, but it is a thankless task, effect. I think, no … Read more

In order to ensure it encountered unexpected illness tolls, survival plight of urban and rural residents spend the Spring Festival, Xining city to increase the temporary relief efforts, to ensure that the special difficulties of family warmth. According to the city, district (county) Civil Affairs Department of the preliminary investigation, the rescue of the city’s … Read more